PBN Fox Services Announcement

Hey Everybody,

As some of you may know already, PBN FOX has been around for almost four years now.

I have to be honest and say that launching PBN Fox was one of the best decisions in my life.

I connected with so many amazing people, leaders in the SEO industry and became a part of The Chiang Mai Mastermind. 

It took a lot of effort to get our services to this level and we wouldn't be here without our fantastic team working hard behind the scenes to make everything happen. 

I owe a huge thanks to all people who worked at PBN Fox.

But, it's time for me to focus on other things right now (parenting being one of them) and leave the PBN setups and link rental business and make room for our team members to start their own business. 

PBN Fox Links Network Acquired By PBNSPACE.COM

My partner, Vlade, decided to buy out my share of the PBN network where we offered our Links rental service.

For current link rental clients, everything will stay the same but your panel login will be on PBNSPACE.COM domain (pbnspace.com/clients). 

If you don't know, Vlade was responsible for most of our systems, automation, research and maintenance along with Tihomir, Ivan and Ivica. 

Also, most of the development and content team will continue working like usual so nothing changes in that regard. 

Note: Ivan and Ivica (our senior techs at PBN Fox) decided to start their own service and go in a separate direction by offering a wider range of services on TOWERLINKS.ORG.

Questions & Answers

Why This Decision?  

This is 100% personal decision. I haven't been involved that much in PBN Fox for over a year. 

I'm a big believer in 80/20 and focusing your time where it matters and not spreading yourself too thin. 

Plus, I'm a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and I've always encouraged people to start their own projects. 

What Happens With PBNFOX.COM?

I've decided to keep the domain name so you can access the content and guides I wrote. 

The only difference is that we won't be offering PBN Setups and Links anymore. 

What Will You Do Now?

My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in March this year so that will be my main focus.

So You Are Not Using PBNs Anymore?

As an SEO technique, PBNs still work, no doubt about that. I only use PBNs as guest posts and very rarely as homepage links. 

Who Do I Contact About My PBN Link Subscriptions?

Since Vlade will be taking over current subscriptions, you can contact him at vlade@pbnspace.com.

Who Can You Recommend for PBN Links and Setups?

Thanks for reading and hope you crush it!