Many of you have noticed that we were closed for new orders last week. It was mainly due to our redesign and revamp of the entire service. Here are some changes and improvements that we made to ensure better quality, performance and that we eliminated all footprints.

There is a general agreement among experts that PBNs should be treated as mini money sites.

I find adding new content to the network and managing the sites is the biggest issue people have with their network.

It’s time-consuming, and it costs a lot. Hence, many skipped adding new content and left the sites with a 500-word article for months. Recently, Google decided that this sort of action doesn’t float their boat and it resulted in deindexing of many domains.

On top of that, many people did not abide the best practices due to lack of information, or outdated information around the web.

Something had to be done, and we agreed that a complete revamp of the service is in order after Penguin 4.0 to ensure longevity and performance of these site networks.

Hosting Changes –

Vlade (our project manager) has done an extensive 3000 site research on footprints and the influence of hosting on deindex rate. Even some premium hosting providers are better suited for hosting a PBN than others. With that knowledge, we ditched the bad ones and kept the best-performing while still maintaining the diversity of datacenters, IPs (goes without saying) and hosting companies.

  • Premium cPanel hosting (Godaddy, Hostgator, Siteground etc)
  • Different datacenters
  • Different IP for each site
  • Shared nameservers (official nameservers that are shared with thousands of other sites)
  • Hosted among real money sites

Complete overhaul of the website design

Three times more content

Every site that we build from now on will have 1500+ words of text instead of 500. In research mentioned above, we decided that lack of content was among primary reasons for sites being deindexed. Hence, we now place 300% more content on each site.

Content spread across multiple pages and posts

Your content will not be used on posts alone. We will use pages depending on your layout (ex. Services page for corporate layout)

New Premium Themes

We purchased around 30 additional premium WordPress themes to diversify the look and feel of the site builds.

New layouts

We are now using a mix of corporate/business, magazine, and personal blog layout.

Homepage links –
Explained in our PBN best practices guide, you will get detailed instructions how to place your links on homepage to make it look as natural as possible.

Social Signals

Google + is removed from our builds. Some would argue that it doesn’t impact anything but after inconclusive tests about it, I decided to remove it. We now use a mix of other social platforms on each site to make it natural.

URL Reconstruction

Using majestic and ahrefs to identify the best incoming links and URLs, we will try to restore these pages to preserve the link juice.

More variation with plugins

Plugins are a vital part of each setup and it makes sense to add more diverse selection of plugins that do similar things (yoast / all in one seo)


You will have the option to include a complete IFTTT setup with 3 additional social profiles for each site. IFTTT will give your sites some social love, a very powerful signal that your site is legitimate.


Some sites will even have integrated, a powerful signal to Google (only small % of the best sites use schema).

We are still making significant changes and expect more news and features in the next two months or so.

To your success,

Nemanja with PBN Fox Team

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