Some time ago we talked about PBN Hosting and it’s time to focus on another really important aspect, choosing the best money site hosting. I see this question a lot in proper pbn group and other Facebook groups. That is why I decided to make this post, and help you choose the best hosting for your new website or to move your old one to a better server.

Let me just quickly explain why it’s so important to have a good, fast server for your website. You all know that website load speed is a ranking factor, there is no doubt about that. So if your site is loading in 10 seconds you can kiss that #1 spot good bye. Yes, you can always brute force your way in but why waste good PBNs right? And even if you rank, think about the conversion impact people will have if the site is so slow. Hosting companies that I will mention here are the ones that I personally tried and tested for over a year, and have proven to be the best ones so far, quality and price wise.



Inmotionhosting is a company with one of the best shared hosting plans, I tested their VPS too and I was very satisfied with it. The only downside is that you have to use credit card to purchase and although there are monthly plans the best deal by far is paying annually.  Support is ok too, you can get a reply within 24 hours in most cases. One other thing worth mentioning is that their VPS plan comes with cPanel included, so that will make your life easier. When you take that into account its not that expansive.


  • Reliable and Fast servers
  • Good shared hosting plan
  • Good Pricing


  • Credit card required, no paypal option
  • Annual and semi-annual plans are much cheaper

Price : Business plan starts at 3.49 and VPS at 29.99



Siteground is another hosting company with very good shared hosting plan. I used it a lot for PBNs but its more than enough for money sites too. They do not have classic VPS plans but cloud hosting instead.  Support is also OK, comparable to Inmotionhosting, i usually get a response within 12 hours.



  • Reliable and fast shared servers
  • Cloud Servers a bit overpriced but very good and stable
  • WordPress hosting that starts at e3.95 ($4.5)


  • A bit overpriced cloud servers
  • I could not pay with paypal, had to use credit card

Price: Shared servers are around 3.9euro ($4.5) , Cloud Servers start at 48euro ($55) and WP Hosting is about the same price as shared server (One website)



Now these guys are what you call a hosting company with good support, that is the main reason why I stayed with them for long time. Any ticket is answered in 1-2 hours and they help with almost anything you need. If you are going with shared hosting, choose business type, it has more resources and is generally better.



VPS Plans: For a VPS with them i would go with SSD Linux, never really tested Budget or Premium KVM servers, I just love SSD that much. If you are going with cPanel make sure that you have at least 2GB of RAM as it eats it up like crazy.

2 core, 3 giga VPS plan can be enough for more than 10 WP websites with proper caching



  • Awesome Support
  • Great servers both for shared (business) and SSD VPS Plans
  • Good Pricing for what you get


  • Servers are in Dallas, TX so you don’t have much choice there
  • Hardware looks a bit outdated (but still good to go)


Digital Ocean

Once I found Digital Ocean I thought, that’s it, this is the best hosting hands down. The speed you can get out of these servers is unparalleled to any of the above mentioned. With just a few clicks you can get a new cloud VPS with dedicated IP ready to go. The interface is easy to use and beginner friendly.

The thing some of you may not like is the fact that this is self managed VPS, meaning you will have to fix any errors on your apps yourself. You will get support from them with anything regarding their servers but not your applications (WP). Despite what some people say, they have a great support for non managed hosting, all tickets are answered in several hours.

Digital Ocean Droplet


This is how the pricing looks when choosing a droplet. Do not get discouraged when you see 512mb RAM on $5 plan. It can easily manage 4-5 WordPress sites with no issues, and still be faster than any shared hosting.

It comes with 1-click WP installer but what I like to use with it is Serverpilot which can configure DO server and after 1 minute you have a WordPress optimized DO droplet. Serverpilot also comes with 1 click WP installer.


Page Speed on Digital Ocean Server for one of the recent websites we did as part of our Website Design Service .


  • Very Fast Servers
  • Dedicated IP
  • WordPress optimized server with serverpilot
  • Cheaper than most shared hosting plans


  • Self Managed servers
  • Installing SSL can be a pain
  • cPanel is hard to install

Price: Starts from $5 for 512mb server

You can get $10 upon signup using This Link, that’s 2 months free if you are going for basic 512mb server


Traffic Planet Hosting

Traffic Planet is by far the best WordPress hosting I tested. As a matter of fact, our websites and are hosted on Traffic Planet hosting now. Their interface is easy to use, and you can deploy your website in a matter of minutes. You do not get much information about the servers though, like the amount of memory or CPUs for their plans, but you can bet your sites will be very fast with them. They also have servers in one of the best Datacenters in the world (where Amazon AWS has their servers too). You can also get free SSL if you open a ticket and free website migration.

Traffic Planet Plans

Traffic Planet Hosting Plans. Subdomains count toward website installations, something to keep in mind

Support is awesome, all tickets are answered within few hours (sometimes minutes).


  • Dedicated WP Hosting
  • Very Fast
  • Awesome support
  • Cheap for what you get


  • No root access
  • Limited access to the server and customization


You can’t go wrong with any of these hosting companies and it’s just a matter of choosing what suits you best. Do you want plug and play options like with Traffic planet or fully customizable linux server like on DO, or maybe a shared hosting that still loads fast, take your pick. These are my personal picks for the best :

Shared Hosting – Inmotionhosting

Support – Traffic Planet Hosting

Load Speed – Digital Ocean

What is your favorite hosting company and why? Your comments and shares/likes are always much appreciated 🙂

Disclaimer: Yes, some of these are affiliate links, and if you are looking to sign up for any of these services, using the links provided would mean a lot to me, and would cover some of the hosting expenses.

Tell me if you need help, more info or if you want me to review some of these separately.

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