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Deep Links on Real Websites With Traffic (one time purchase – permanent links)

*We accept only clean websites with no traces of spam and unnatural linkbuilding.

*We do not accept Porn, Pharma or Gambling niches.


IDNicheDARD (Ahrefs)DR (Ahrefs)ExtensionAgeTrafficPriceBuy/Sold
#1Home Decor / Enterier Magazine4031651.com15 years382$175
#2Security Systems Website3955949.com14 years143$165
#3Technology Magazine3445146.com14 years112$165CLOSED
#4News Blog3136947.com16 years80$160CLOSED
#5Technology / Internet News Portal3835149.com9 years5$160

Homepage PBN Links (monthly)

*We accept only clean websites with no traces of spam and unnatural linkbuilding.


IDNicheDARD (Ahrefs)DR (Ahrefs)ExtensionAgePriceBuy/Sold
#1Software Magazine4031651.com15 years$40CLOSED
#2Lifestyle News Portal3945050.com18 years$38CLOSED
#3Security Systems Website3955949.com14 years$38
#4Technology Magazine3836949.com16 years$36CLOSED
#5News Portal3835149.com9 years$35CLOSED
#6Technology Informer News Portal368643.com12 years$33
#7News Blog3257648.com18 years$28
#8News Blog3010545.org10 years$25
#9Software Magazine3015448.com15 years$24CLOSED
#10Travel Magazine3025449.com12 years$23CLOSED
#11Hardware and Software magazine3015342.org11 years$22
#12Lifestyle News Portal307839.com10 years$21CLOSED
#13News Portal294739.org16 years$19
#14News Blog2927645.com14 years$19
#15Technology Magazine288945.com9 years$18CLOSED
#16Travel Magazine278445.org13 years$17
#17Software Magazine2711542.org11 years$17CLOSED
#18News Portal265342.org12 years$16
#19Technology News Portal2429837.net8 years$15
#20Software Magazine2424538.org11 years$14CLOSED
#21Lifestyle News Portal243939.org9 years$13
#22News Portal248742.org9 years$12CLOSED
#23Software Magazine227844.net12 years$10
#24Technology Magazine2212440.com11 years$10
#25Travel Magazine2217444.net10 years$10
#26News Portal213744.com3 years$9
#27Technology Magazine2121144.org5 years$9CLOSED
#28News Portal2110442.com17 years$9
#29World News Portal202946.com6 years$8
#30Software Magazine1927336.org10 years$8

How it Works:

We have handpicked only the best domains and built proper websites on them with the highest quality in mind.


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Premium cPanel Hosting

We only use cPanel hosting according to best practices to hide in plain sight among other, real websites on different IPs.

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Proper websites

We put a lot of effort in our website design. All websites are on-page optimized and designed with quality in mind.

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Quality Handwritten Content

We only use quality content that we use for our money sites.

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No Footprints

After testing over 5000 PBN sites we have come up with a system that leaves absolutely no footprints.

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Maximum 10 OBL

We will place no more than 10 links on a single site, preserving link juice and limiting number of spots per website.

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Optimized for Traffic

We try to get as much traffic for our PBN. Traffic is the key component for higher rankings these days

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Social Activity

Each website will have several social profiles built, like any real site would do

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Clean Backlink Profile

Our domain team is strict when it comes to spam. All domains in our networks are thoroughly checked for spammy backlink profile, anchor texts and wayback.


Multiple Keywords to #1-3 in 30 days


Affiliate Website Campaign Started Around March 2016 and doubled the traffic in 60 days


From #20 to #1 in 30 days


 One deep link on DA35 domain

pbn case study

Affiliate Website – Page 1 with 10 Links only

case study 2

Page One for 1 Million Searches

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Are your websites on different IP?

Yes, our websites are spread on different IPs, hosting providers and datacenters. We only use premium cPanel hosting for our sites.

Is there a refund policy?

All orders are final if we deliver the report. If you change your mind within 24h after ordering, you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

How long will my link stay live?

If you purchase yearly link placement, it will stay live for 365 days or more. Monthly placements are invoiced every month and will be removed if the subscription is canceled.

Do you have any ranking guarantee?

Rankings depend on many things, including your on-page SEO, pillow links and anchor text distribution. There is no guarantee that the links alone will rank your website. Make sure that your on-page is done well.


What is the difference between Homepage and Deep Links?

Homepage links are classic PBN links, placed on the homepage of the site. This means that this link has more power in general.

Deep links on websites with traffic are much safer and are more natural. The link will appear on but will only briefly be placed on the homepage since these are real sites with couple posts per day.

Do you accept Porn, Pharma and Gabling Sites?

We do not accept any spammy sites including porn, gambling, pharma and cpa. We will also check every site for unnatural and spammy link profile and cancel such orders.