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Did you know that traffic can increase the power of your PBN more than any tier two link?

I didn't believe it myself.

Until I tested it and got these results

Huge jumps after only two links from websites with traffic and engagement.

Previously it took more than 10 links to get similar results in this niche. So it got me thinking, what if all my PBNs had traffic?

I have talked about the importance of traffic on Lion Zeal show and Matt Diggity mentioned it in his post about next-generation PBNs.

In this post I will go over three of my favorite methods of generating traffic to PBN websites, making them more powerful and long lasting.

Method #1 ...

Ranking Long Tail Keywords

Pretty straightforward method. You are going to take one long tail and create an even longer one with just a few dozen searches per month, which should make it easy for your site to rank without any links.

That’s the theory.

Let’s see how it works in practice…

Say you are in weight loss niche and your PBN is a more general Health themed website.

Step 1: Find a Target with Long Tail Keyword

This can be any authority or smaller website in your niche that’s ranking for a broader long tail term for example “weight loss after pregnancy”.

Step 2: Ahrefs/SEMRush your target

Go to “organic keywords” in Ahrefs or appropriate section in SEMRush and see for which terms this website currently ranks.

Ahrefs organic search showing long tail keywords

Step 3: Find a Really Long Long-Tail Keyword

Search for a long tail keyword that has the least competition and 10-150 searches/month on Ahrefs but SEMrush returns similar values. Have in mind that these searches generate a lot more than 150 visits.

Ahrefs keyword result with 150 searches

You can check on google if it has even longer keyword.

For this example, I have found “how much weight do you lose after giving birth to twins

Verify that there are no huge authority sites and magazines ranking with this title.

Note: This example is still too competitive but it gives you an idea.

Step 4: Build a High-Quality Article around that Long Tail

This is easy. Create and optimize the article pretty much like you would a money site page. Make sure that it’s better and longer than competing pages for this keyword.

Step 5: Increase Topical Relevancy (Optional)

If the niche is a bit more competitive you will need to increase the topical relevancy of this page. You can do so by creating supporting content around this subject and linking internally to the main page.


· Easier to create

· Long term traffic

· Search Traffic


· Takes some time to rank

· Can be hard for some niches

That's for search traffic, let's see how to get some social activity ...

Sharing on Facebook Groups and Pages

This method requires a bit of commitment from you or your VA.

You can create a persona or several of them and engage on relevant Facebook pages and groups in your niche.

Start by using Facebook Search to find niche relevant pages and groups.

facebook graph showing niche relevant pages and groups

After several questions/answers, you can post a link to a high quality article or content on your PBN site.

Here are some guidelines for this method.

Infographics work very well

People share Infographics all the time. You can get one on fiver for the price of a decent article, and if it is good enough, you can expect some shares too. Free social signals, what’s not to like.

Be active and contribute before linking out

It’s time-consuming but when you become a known member of the community, you can share pretty much anything. And posting on same pages/groups is not a footprint.

The article has to be High Quality

This goes without saying, you can’t expect to share crappy iWriter article on Facebook groups and get away with it. Write a good money site grade article, spend double on what you usually pay and it will return tenfold.

Don’t Rush it

Do not rush with linking out to your site, give it a few days for people to get to know you. Be human.


· Large amount of social traffic

· Clicks to your money site

· Potential Sales


· Becomes a huge issue to manage at scale (30-50+ sites)

· Requires a time investment

Answering on Q&A Sites

Q&A sites like or are a great way to generate traffic to your PBN.

Much like Facebook method, it requires some time commitment so that your account is not flagged as spam.

A well-known Q&A website with huge amount of daily traffic.

Create an account and fill out your bio section. Make sure to use niche relevant "about me". People want answers from experts, not random people.

Prior to linking out to any websites, you need to “marinate” your account a bit. That means answering about 10 questions and getting at least a few followers and upvotes. You can link out to studies and news websites.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Search for something in your niche

2. See what kind of questions people are asking

3. Create a High Quality blog post or infographic that answers one or several questions

4. Write an exceptional answer that really adds value (important) and link out to your article in the resources section. (Make sure to include few links to authority sites too)

Reddit is amazing. You can get tons of traffic but you have to be careful. If Quora was tough for you, Reddit is 5x tougher.

It has a karma system where you have to contribute by answering, upvoting and generally being active before you can do pretty much anything let along linking out to some shady sites.

The whole website is organized as a forum so instead of threads you have “subreddits”.

reddit search

The key here is to find subreddits with a lower amount of traffic and engagement. Those threads are usually less moderated, but you will still get some clicks and visits.

Similar to Quora, you will need a really good article (if not better) to get past Reddit moderation algorithm.

If you have Wayback content you can leverage the age and authority of the old website and get that in as an authority link.


  • Huge source of traffic
  • Clicks to PBN site and even sales on your money site
  • Link from Reddit 😉


· You need to “age” your account with dozen posts prior to linking out

· High Standards for answer quality

· High standards for content quality

· Difficult to manage at scale much link Facebook

Why not just use fake traffic?

I have tested this and somehow in both tests, fake traffic gave absolutely no results when compared to websites with real visits. It’s definitely something I will have to test further.


Having quality blog network sites with traffic proves to be one of the best methods to power up your network. You can still send Tier two links but without traffic, those links are unjustified and would most likely get you on Google’s radar.

Links need to be justified with social activity, and shares need to be justified with traffic.

I agree that sharing on Facebook and Q&A sites is a tiresome process, but after you figure it out you can write a proper documentation and outsource it to pretty much any VA with decent language skills.

Over to you

Have you ever attempted to send traffic to your blog network sites? What kind of results did you get? Feel free to comment and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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