Learn How To Build Proper Private Blog Networks


Time to read: 2min

Get familiar with the terminology, how PBNs work and why. 


Time to read: 8min

In this lesson we will cover different types of domains, how to find good domains, check metrics and if its spam free. 


Time to read: 12min

How to create websites that will pass manual inspection, how to create good structure and eliminate footprints.

common footprints img

Time to read: 3min

List of 43 common footprints and how to avoid them. 


Time to read: 4min

Learn how to plan your PBN and brainstorm the pricing and size of your network.


Time to read: 6min

Complete guide covering how to host your PBN sites, avoid footprints and minimize cost.


Time to read: 3min

Quick guide on content strategy and linking out to your money site. 

generate traffic img

Learn how to bridge the gap between PBN and a proper website by generating traffic.

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